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Pre-empting insider threats

Organizations conventionally focus on cyber threats that are external in origin; these include malware, DDoS, MiTM, and XSS attacks, and industrial espionage. Meanwhile insider threats, which pose just as great of a security risk to companies and organizations, are often responded to only after-the-fact, typically through legal action.
The size and the speed at which damaging or confidential information can spread through the internet is quickly making this approach insufficient.
PreventiveChain is an extensible, cross-platform software suite that enhances computer security at every point of interaction, the first to be built from the ground up to pre-empt insider threats before they happen. Externally, 3D Face ID biometrics with deep learning trained anti-spoofing monitors the user in real time, warning administrators if it suspects malicious activity. Internally, integration with the OS-layer prevents all unauthorized external communications and watermarks screen captures, blocking any sensitive data from leaking out. All usage data is immutably persisted on ParallelChain, making it impossible for malicious insiders to conceal unlawful actions.
Prevent insider threads

Securing access to digitised documents

Digitised documents vary immensely in size and scope and can be maintained by individuals or organizations, they may be stored locally or accessed remotely via computer networks. But these documents are only as secure as the system they are stored on.
Existing conventional document management systems run into a critical problem when faced with the issue of trust. Documents are often shared between multiple employees, company divisions, or organizations. These parties have reasons to be mutually distrustful of each other, especially when there is a financial incentive to tamper with, or steal shared documents.
Having document access policies programmed as ParallelChain smart contracts solves this problem by making the conduct of every permissioned party visible to all. Malicious administrators are deterred from tampering with access policies as their identities are persisted into a truly immutable ParallelChain, and are admissible as evidence of wrongdoing in court. This can also be used to prove the innocence of users not involved in the accident.
On top of this, PreventiveChain’s groundbreaking multi-factor biometric authentication protects administrator accounts from insider threats, while its dynamic watermarks deter the leaking of data by way of screen capture, copy and paste, or wireless transfer.
Securing document access

Secure, instant trade settlements

Commercial-scale trading platforms must be able to handle an extremely large number of transactions per second, especially in the forex and commodities markets. They must do so whilst preventing fraud and money laundering and complying with all legal requirements.
To meet these requirements, traditional stock trades go through a settlement process involving multiple intermediaries that each must exercise due diligence in verifying transactions.
High throughput on the ParallelChain Protocol and smart contracts on ChattelChain and PreventiveChain allows for secure, seamless sharing of critical information between relevant parties, enabling something disruptive and so far, unheard-of: trading with instant settlement, greater liquidity and rapid, automated compliance to laws and regulations. In addition, ParallelWallet, DTL’s unhackable crypto-wallet, prevents your tokens from being stolen (a total of US$1.9B was stolen from crypto-wallets in 2018. This number rose to US$4.2B in 2019).
Items that ChattelChain can support includes but is not limited to: Utility Tokens, Security Tokens, Forex, and commodities.

Protecting data during Work From Home

The ongoing work from home experiment in response to the global Covid-19 pandemic will likely change the way we work forever, enabling new, flexible work arrangements with the potential to improve employee productivity and well-being.
However, effective work from home invariably necessitates moving sensitive company out of the office, bringing with it the risk of data leaks. There is a need to balance employee productivity with information security.
The combination of ConstructionChain, PreventiveChain, and ParallelChain offers the highest levels of security possible for remote work. ConstructionChain verifies that the device is really at home or in a permissible location while opening sensitive data (even when disconnected from the internet), while PreventiveChain authenticates the current user of the computer and blocks data extraction and screen capture, deploying countermeasures to deter even external photography. All captured data is immutably persisted in ParallelChain and is judicially permissible as evidence in court, speeding up investigation of incidents if they happen.
Secured home access

Process Management

In a fast-changing business environment, making approval processes faster, simpler, and more secure saves companies a significant amount of time and money. Today, industrial applications demand high performing process approval tracking system with real-time sequential processing.
DTL’s Process Management Application, consisting of ParallelChain™, combined with PreventiveChain and ApprovalChain, is specifically tailored for workflow tracking and process management execution, monitoring and improvement, which facilitates and tracks immutable activities records, streamlining the workflow accuracy, project efficiency and information management.
Process Management

Virtual black-box for autonomous systems

As autonomous and semi-autonomous systems like driverless cars, aircraft, shipping-dock cartons, trolleys, and intelligent IoT devices grow more advanced, the amounts of data that they generate increase in lockstep.
This data becomes irretrievable when the physical black boxes that hold them are damaged, lost or tampered with. This poses problems not only for accident investigators trying to piece together what happened, but also for the courts: if data is mutable, who is to say that nobody tampered with it?
Emerging high speed network technologies like 5G are starting to enable a large volume of vulnerable data to be backed-up in secure, distributed locations, mitigating the risk of damage to physical storage. ParallelChain provides the second part of the solution: immutable persistence of data, in close to real-time. Taken together, this forms a secure, performant, and scalable ‘virtual black-box’ for the distributed autonomous systems of the future.
Autonomous systems

Outbreak Management

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has already impacted countries, communities, and individuals in countless ways. Due to its nature, blockchain is a tool that can establish an efficient and transparent healthcare business model based on higher degrees of accuracy and trust (in select countries) without privacy and security concerns.
Digital Transaction’s Outbreak Prevention Application based on ParallelChain™ and PreventiveChain can securely share any information in real time, between relevant parties in a secure and immutable fashion, maintaining complete confidentiality and with full compliance to the GDPR privacy ordinance. This application can create the first line of rapid protection through a network of connected devices whose primary goal is to remain alert about disease outbreaks before they spread, enabling early detection of epidemics, and impact management of outbreaks and treatment.
Outbreak prevention
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