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Spoof-Proof Biometrics

eKYC-Chain is a blockchain + biometric system for secure and effective verification and authentication of identity, its applications range from any internal business procedures to KYC or AML compliance. With a built-in anti-spoofing facial detection, eKYC-Chain achieves a fusion of digital-physical identity, making the validation process more efficient and trustworthy.​


Instant Selfie-to-Photo ID ​Matching

Anti-spoofing facial recognition that matches and verifies user’s live selfie to their photo ID in real time

Spoof-proof Physical-digital Identity

Reliable face verification with spoofing detection that pre-empts identity fraud and establishes a link between the physical and digital identity

Trustworthy Verification

Designed to aid processes that involve identity verification – from internal business procedures to regulatory compliances such as KYC and AML

Data Protection Compliance

Most organizations are expected to abide by the EU’s GDPR and other data protection regulations, all which eKYC-Chain is fully compliant with

Effective Fraud Risk Alert

Via tracking and analysing the time stamps and location of submission

Multi-function Portal

Supports multiple pre-defined user flows of different verification processes beyond KYC

High-precision OCR

Able to recognize and convert various types of official documents, such as passports and business registration certificates, from different countries

Available on ​Android and iOS

Smooth operation on both Android and iOS devices

User Flow

eKYC-Chain workflow
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