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Instant Settlement.

ChattelChain is a fast asset tokenization platform built upon our high performing ParallelChain™ to create asset backed tokens. ChattelChain offers immediate settlement, insider fraud prevention and an unhackable wallet, interoperable with Ethereum and Hyperledger tokens.
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Access control
Greater Liquidity

Tokens of illiquid assets such as real estate, fine art, and quotas for agricultural goods can be traded on exchanges, resulting in increased liquidity.


Tokens open up investments to a wider audience, since the minimum investment amounts are much lower.

Data Leakage
24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Tokens of illiquid assets such as real estate, fine art, and quotas for agricultural goods can betraded on exchanges, resulting in increased liquidity.

File Conversion
More Transparency

Tokens are immutable, incorruptible, and the token holder' rights can be embedded into the token. This providers greater transparency in knowing your rights.

File Conversion
Automated compliance

Compliance with regulations can be programmed into smart contracts, reducing and automating the regulatory compliance burden.

File Conversion
Fast Settlement

It generally takes 2 additional days to settle for risk management of sequential steps. Smart Contract and real-time information symmetry enables such processes to happen in parallel.

File Conversion
Programmable features

Automating dividend payouts, easing voting processes, automating vesting periods etc.

File Conversion

Transaction and records, if blockchained properly, are immutable. It is an excellent infrastructure to record historical ownerships and current ownerships.

File Conversion
Increased efficiencies & cheaper fees

Tokens can use smart contracts to automate the buying and selling. This reduces the administrative burden, resulting in faster execution and lower transaction fees.

System Workflow

ChattelChain workflow


100,000 Transactions Per Second

Enables high volume trading, emulations of other blockchain fabrics.

Trade and Settlement

Lock-in purchase price, immediate cash redemption.

Data Leakage
No Data Leakage

Private and confidential, parties can verify but not read.

Truly immutable
Truly immutable

No forked chain deletion. No collusion to remove/void records.

Parallel processing
Parallel processing

Flexible configuration and expansion. Empowers collaborations among team partners to keep them independent& autonomous applications/systems.

Right to be forgotten
Right to be forgotten

Supports time sensitive data. Compliant to court orders & GDPR

Multi factor authentication
Multi-factor authentication

With 2D/3D anti-spoofing upon entry and thereafter

ETH Coin Interoperable
ETH Coin Interoperable

ERC-20 and ERC-721 compliant.

No file Conversion
No file conversion

Owner' files are undisturbed.

System admin conducts
System Admin Conducts

Stored in ParallelChain and real-time monitored.

Hyperledger interoperable
Hyperledger interoperable

Accepts all applications.

Unlimited writing parties
Unlimited writing parties

No performance degradations.

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