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Trivver, headquartered in California, is the leader in the Extended Reality (XR) space. Their technology combines real-and-virtual environments by deploying their multi-patented digital 3D Smart Objects (aka Digital Twins) onto virtual reality platforms. Users can interact with their 3D Smart Objects in a virtual environment. The arrayed Objects continuously stream back valuable data such as viewability analytics and performance data, etc.

ESIX Network
ESIX network

ESIX Network is a Chinese company that offers decentralized cloud storage solutions to tackle issues such as high energy consumption and problems with bandwidth sharing. It aims to achieve green cloud computing by utilizing edge-computing, cellular neural network, and cloud–network integration.

Titanium Technologies
Titanium Technologies

Titanium Technologies is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. Their product, Securer, is tailored for start-ups, investors and accelerators ecosystems. Our cooperation combines the high-performance ParallelChain™ with FutureBlock, providing access to a wide network of business development and investment opportunities.

Hong Kong Partners

Motherapp is a Hong Kong based company that offers smart environment, customer engagement and digital consulting. The firm develops smart applications that engage customers and improve operations. With teams in Hong Kong, Ningbo and California, Motherapp brings a uniquely caring approach to creating value with proven and emerging technology.

GS1 Hong Kong
ESIX network

GS1 Hong Kong's RFID-based Cold Chain Solution is an effective and reliable tool to help monitoring the cold chain to optimise logistics management. The GS1 System of Standards is the world’s most widely used supply chain standards, allowing the efficient and secure movement of products, services, and information between companies and facilitating the interoperability between different business systems.

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